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Massachusetts Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 28 Member Benefits
Legal Defense Plan – Available Only to FOP members (Active & Associate - Lodge 28 does NOT have associate membership)
$30,000 in scholarships granted to member’s children & grandchildren
Up to $40,000 Line of Duty Death benefit
Up to $30,000 Off-Duty Death Benefit (Retired Members included)
Surgeons Lodge Access (Over 50 of the top doctors in Massachusetts who provide immediate care for members and their families.
Our Governmental Affair Representative is a strong voice at the Massachusetts State house working on behalf of all Massachusetts Law Enforcement.
National Legislative Office in Washington D.C. “A strong voice in Washington”
Automatic Membership in National/State FOP
Subscription to National/State Journal
Access to FOP merchandise
National Website & free FOP e-mail account for each member
Access to special programs IE: Dental Insurance, Property & Life Insurance etc.
Fraternalism and many upcoming State functions & Community Activities
“McGruff” the Crime Dog and “Scruff” program with digital fingerprinting for kids!
And much much more!